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LED Drums Singapore | LED Drumming Performance

Singapore, being the cosmopolitan city and fine distinction between arts and technology, offers a blend of technology with arts. Gone are the days where drum performances are dull and boring. Now, with LED Drums, Singapore’s vibrant music scene can be brought to events with international standing.

LED Drums Performances are rarely scene in events, due to it’s exorbitant cost for engaging a decent LED Drumming provider. This being said, we have found Lion Dance Singapore, which offers the best price for LED Drums Performances while being an absolute sweetheart for your budget.

LED Drums Performance – Who is Lion Dance Singapore?

Lion Dance Singapore started out as a lion dance troupe, and has since moved on to several other dance performances, mainly Wushu, Magician, etc. Besides being professional in their field of work, Lion Dance Singapore has since served more than 10,000 clients and worked with more than 200 event planners. It is safe to think that Lion Dance Singapore knows the needs of client, from corporate clients to Government MNCs. Their recent LED Drums Performance also proved to be a local sensation.

While they are big in the local events scene, they have also been engaged for events in neighboring countries, namely Malaysia and Indonesia. Lion Dance Singapore is also poised to bring LED Drums Performance into Malaysia, by partnering local firms and showcasing to international audiences, a “g-local” approach.

LED Drums Singapore – All-Females Performance

Despite contrary beliefs that drums should be played by men, Lion Dance Singapore has since moved out of the paradigm and empowers their female members for drum performances. This approach has been supported by several woman rights group and has been the highlight of several events supporting gender equality.

Being the only All-Female LED Drums Performance troupe, Lion Dance Singapore has also seen several successes in their LED Lion and LED Dragon Dance performance. While the current trend of LED lights are being incorporated to performance to provide a visual stimuli, the risks of losing heritage to pseudo-culture escalates. The performing arts are moving in the direction of feeding event planner’s obsession with creating a memorable event, while losing roots of their traditional performance values. While the latter may be true, Lion Dance Singapore has been threading on the fine line of success in modern arts while maintaining values of a Lion Dance Troupe.

LED Drums Singapore – What You Need to Prepare For This Performance

Setting up the equipment for LED Drums takes 2 minute of preparation time, and the performance lasts for 7-10 minutes, depending on the event requirements and time line. Some planner has requested for a 20 minutes performance that despite Lion Dance Singapore’s best advice, and realise the audience gets bored after the sweet 7-10 minutes spot. While audiences are excited about the novelty performance, too much of good is bad. Our short attention span, thanks to the smartphones of the 21st century, shuts our brain off at about the 10th minute mark.

While a stage size of 5m x 5m will be ideal, the performance is able to be carried out in a smaller stage too. The positions of LED Drums are interchangeable, and half an hour of heads up is all that is required.

LED Drums Performance – Price Guide

The price range of the performance varies accordingly to the complexity of client requirements. The price ranges of $2,000 – $5,000, with variables like number of performers required, rehearsals, etc.

LED Drumming Performance – Is It Customizable?

Placing LED boards in front of the drums with a customizable message can be catered for. Or should the client be adventurous, we are also able to incorporate them into the performance.

Most LED Drumming performances are choreographed beforehand to cater to all performances as a visual and stereo performance. LED Drumming performances